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VIP MAGNI SECURITY is specialized in providing professional solutions in terms of PERSONALIZED INTEGRAL SECURITY to companies and homes since 2000. The goal of our company is to prevent thefts, robberies, kidnappings…

We provide private consulting for our VIP clients that includes air travel, if necessary.

We work with clients in Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Valencia, Alicante …

We advise our VIP clients through ITSP (from sp. inspección técnica de seguridad preventiva “preventive security technical inspection”) from the initial phase of the project, supply and implementation of the systems to continuous maintenance through the preventive systems, simulations and maximum security provision (security level up to 5).

We are the specialists in Panic Room Installation.

  • We have vast experience and guarantee high-quality services.
  • In unforeseen circumstances, VIP MAGNI SECURITY will always give you the best solution and necessary intervention.
  • Personalized service by a single company representative responsible for the project in order to avoid leakage of information.
  • We inform you that you can totally trust us because we are the partners of national and international security organizations.
  • Your safety is our guarantee of well-done job.


At VIP MAGNI SECURITY we analyze the needs of each client and carry out a personalized project, optimizing resources for security provision.

Considering our vast experience in robberies and attacks we perform a detailed study of the client’s request and make an accurate diagnosis, then we advise our clients and offer them solutions to guarantee and improve their own security and the security of their environment. These solutions are suitable for all types of offices and homes.

We are responsible for the supply and installation of our security systems, their maintenance and periodic checking.

We have a vast experience in professional techniques and applications; we own a technical department for each sector; intervention and emergency plans.


We, VIP MAGNI SECURITY, guarantee security of the companies and individuals.

We belong to UCES, International Association of Investigative Locksmiths, ASIS International, Aspejure and ISMS Forum Spain.

We carry out projects in crime prevention in all areas: big companies, SMEs, commercial establishments, hotels, villas, developments, houses…

We have a forensic crime laboratory to analyze all the evidence in case of a theft.

Fraud and crime detection.

Criminal modus operandi study.


We think that security is a service that allows our clients to work and enjoy their family life without feeling invaded and giving them a sense of being protected.

We are committed to our clients from the beginning of the project to the end. It includes an after-sales service during the entire contractual relationship.

In unforeseen circumstances, we will always give you the best solution: intervention and emergency.

Your safety is our guarantee of a well-done job.


Considering our vast experience in robberies and attacks we perform a detailed study of the client’s request and make an accurate diagnosis, then we advise our clients and offer them solutions to guarantee and improve their own security and a security of their environment. These solutions are suitable for all types of offices and homes.

We analyze the needs of each client and carry out a personalized project, optimizing resources for security.

We are responsible for the supply and installation of our security systems, their maintenance and periodic checking.

We have a vast experience in professional techniques and applications; a technical department for each sector; intervention and emergency plans as well as the forensic crime laboratory.


  1. Visits to the facilities and assessment of their needs in security systems.
  2. Analysis and design of various proposals by request.
  3. Optimization of customer’s resources for surveillance and security provision.
  4. Approval of the project and its legalization.
  5. Installation of the selected security system.
  6. Facilities regular checking.
  7. Maintenance of the system; renovation and improvement proposal if necessary.


Forensic locksmithing is the study of the evidence left in the locks, safes and other security devices as well as in the surrounding areas such as doors, windows, walls. The aim of this study is to determine how the device was opened.

Locksmiths who provide forensic services are known as forensic locksmiths or investigative locksmiths.

Forensic locksmithing is a relatively new field in the security sector, considering that it began to develop in the 70s thanks to Art Paholke (known as the father of forensic locksmithing) based in Chicago Police Department.

In the 70s, while working in the crime laboratory, he investigated various attack methods against locks, safes and keys. He examined each attack in order to identify what had been changed and what proof had been provided.

Many modern techniques and procedures used by forensic locksmiths nowadays are attributed to Paholke's research and innovations.

Currently, forensic locksmithing is applied in two specific areas of security:

Preventive Security:

It deals with the study of potential attacks, in other words, the prevention is made in order to help the security system to resist manipulations and their level of vulnerability.

In the first place, the forensic expert analyzes the lock or device, in the second place, he/she examines the door and the wall on which it is placed, as well as the connections between them and the windows. This procedure helps to see how much information it is shown to the outside world. Then the perimeter is extended in order to reach the neighborhood in which the property that has to be protected is located. Depending on the characteristics of the neighborhood, you can select what type of attacks the security system is likely to be a subject to and how it can resist them.

The judicial expertise:

Forensic locksmithing is a field that combines the skills and knowledge of the locksmith with the cunning and observance of a researcher. The forensic locksmith assists an investigative agency in resolving criminal cases, responding to insurance claims and maintaining security by providing the facts connected with the lock or key system attacks.

The forensic locksmith, also known as a investigative locksmith, determines the method of entry during the assault, tools used, the time and skills required and any evidence that can help to identify the suspect or suspects, victims, as well as other useful information.

The forensic locksmiths do not solve cases, rather they provide the investigative agency with the facts and evidence that may impact the results of an investigation.

A successful forensic locksmith requires a wide and deep understanding of the locksmith world, but also must be good at such fields as:

  • Crime scene investigation,
  • Photography,
  • Microscopy and macro photography,
  • Physical evidence management, preservation and storage,
  • Written and verbal communication

The forensic locksmith provides an important service to many organizations, mainly those whose goal is to comply with the law and to provide insurance services.

Moreover, they perform routine security maintenance for government entities and private companies in order to identify any attempt to attack a security system.

What is the job of a forensic locksmith in a criminal investigation?

The work of the investigative locksmith begins at the crime scene. He/she should identify the entry method, supporting evidence and possible number of attackers, level of skills and time required for the assault. Being present at the crime scene also allows the forensic locksmith to imagine the possible entry methods and to compare them with the evidence.

The key to the crime scene investigation is documentation and photography.

When the investigation of the crime scene is finished, the evidence is sent to the laboratory where the forensic locksmith examines all the components in detail in order to determine the tools and techniques used by the attackers. Then he works with the microscope and tries to identify any tool marks and to trace evidence of it.

After examining all the locks, components and keys, the forensic locksmith can identify the exact entry method, the tools used and the physical evidence.

The investigative locksmith can also detect the techniques of surreptitious entry, insider attacks, fraud and negligence.

When the investigation is finished, forensic locksmith prepares a report that summarizes the results of the investigation and provides evidence to support the findings.

The physical evidence can be stored by the investigative locksmith of the case.

Finally, the forensic locksmith may be required to testify in court regarding his/her investigation: findings, method of obtaining, evidence examination and proper custody procedures.

Forensic locksmith associations

VIP MAGNI SECURITY belongs to the AIAIL (International Association of Investigative Locksmiths), the most respected organization in this field.

It comprises almost 100 active members all over the world. AIAIL has extensive experience in providing expert assistance and training to governments, law enforcement and private organizations.


I am Oscar Magni Giráldez, judicial expert and technical director of VIP MAGNI SECURITY.

As a security expert, my job is to protect all people from possible attacks, robberies, assaults… But it's difficult. Very often I meet people who have already been attacked and who are really afraid. So, these are the people whom I must guarantee the security.

It is a complicated and delicate work. Nevertheless, I like to help people. I feel fulfilled when I can support the victims in getting their normal life back and give them a sense of security. Moreover, I would like the people to feel that they can move on with their lives.

I remember, in particular, the case of Gloria Fernandez.

One morning Gloria and her son woke up in their apartment on the Magistrado Manuel Artime Street, but there were two hooded men in the bedroom. They put a knife close to the neck of the woman and her son. The victims were handcuffed, gagged, threatened by the thieves who left after the robbery.

Still handcuffed, Gloria managed to open the door that led to the outside balcony of the house with the help of her mouth and to call for help.

It is curious that when the police asked Gloria to open the door the same way, she could not repeat it. This situation shows what we are capable to do incredible things in emergency situations. But of course, this type of experience changes our lives more than we can imagine and control.

Frankly speaking, recovering from such a stressful experience and feeling safe again is very difficult. Many people, like Gloria, consider moving in the new house, as the first step towards a new life. I can understand it, but I think it is not necessary.

I know from my personal experience that at the very first moment of the attack, the victim’s heart is full of helplessness and fear. These feelings are very difficult to overcome and they can cause much more serious problems such as anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, paranoia, sleep disturbance, recurrent nightmares…

All these consequences, to a greater or lesser extent, I have observed in the behaviors of my clients. Each experience may differ from one another; however, the emotional damages are the same again and again. Everyone, without exception, feels attacked, helpless and lost.

The police do a wonderful job in order to search for and catch the criminals as well as to return the stolen objects.

Nevertheless, my job and my responsibility is to ensure that these people can feel safe again.

In VIP MAGNI SECURITY we know we can do it.

The first measure to take, whether you have been a victim of a theft or you just want to prevent it, is to install security light bulbs and locks. Nowadays, the market offers a wide variety of the products and prices.

I recommend the products which the professionals call “anti everything" (antibumping, antipicklock, antidrilling, antibreak-in and extraction protection). Also, it is important to be sure that the duplicate keys are under control. Moreover, you can introduce more security instruments (second locks, for example, overlapping or embedded locks, high-level security light bulbs and armored or magnetic door).

If you have already been the victim of a theft, the security protocol changes. The first thing to do is to perform a forensic study that can indicate the weak points in the house that allow the criminals to enter. Keep in mind that it is not only the entrance door, which definitely, is always the main way the thieves use for the invasion. However, it is useless to reinforce one security point if there are other entries such as side doors, windows…

We carry out a detailed study of the building and its characteristics, and as a consequence we present a project adjusted to your needs and budget.

Considering the fact that our company is experienced in security provision and we have contributed greatly to the security of our clients, we can admit that our customers not only get an effective security technology system, but also receive an emotional security and control of their lives.

It is the moment when we, VIP MAGNI SECURITY, feel that we have won and achieved the goal.


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