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MAGNI VIP MAINTENANCE is a company dedicated to the properties maintenance services. Properties maintenance is essential for your inner peace and for keeping up the property value. If you cooperate with a competent service company with a professional team and extensive experience of 10 years, you will not be worried about the security of your home.

 ServicesWe take care of everything related to your home, whether it is your usual residence or villa for holidays. So, when you arrive, you will be sure that your home is in a perfect condition. Moreover, we have VIP Deluxe services such as hiring private chefs, luxury yacht rentals, catering services, domestic shopping, restaurant reservations, transfers to and from the airport, etc. We solve all your problems, so that you can fully enjoy your leisure time.


We know how to adjust our budgets to the demands and needs of each client, since our services include from the cleaning and maintenance of your house, pool or garden to the realization and monitoring of any major or minor reform that is needed in your home.We are much more than a maintenance company, we are an exclusive services company run by professionals. It gives us a more complete perspective towards the house, treating it both from the perspective of the expert and the owner. Key custodyIt is the safest, money-saving and reliable system if you want to have your key at your disposal at any moment. Our key custody service will allow you to have an extra set of keys in case of the key loss. Also, you can order any of the technical or cleaning services when you are absent. This service will allow us to act quickly in case of any emergency in your home (flood, electrical problem, etc.). You do not need to be worried about your home because your keys will be kept in 4 level safe box with the alarm connected to the alarm center and cameras installed in a panic room.

Periodic control of the house

We will check your home periodically during your absence and especially after some inclement weather. There are people who only use their home during the summer season. With our revisions we avoid your house to be empty and abandoned. If we have your keys, VIP MAGNI MAINTENANCE will be able to check periodically if everything in your house is fine. In this way you will avoid unpleasant unforeseen situations upon arrival and your house will be in a perfect condition.

Concierge Service

Our professional team guarantees high quality concierge services for properties owners, factories, industrial zones, construction sites, offices, residential areas.

Property maintenance

MAGNI VIP MAINTENANCE offers an integral and exclusive maintenance of luxury villas, so that you have your property in perfect condition.We have a highly qualified team to prevent and to solve any unforeseen situation that may appear in your home. We offer maintenance plans designed according to the requirements and needs of our customers and their property. You will have the possibility to hire a person for various services: plumbing installation, garden and swimming pool maintenance, electricity control, cleaning, painting, carpentry, security, telecommunications services, camera control, etc.

We organize planned visits to your property for the realization of the works and reports, therefore all the works/projects will be carried out with a representative of our company. We update the progress of our work with the help of the photos that will be sent whenever you require them. Moreover, take a look on our Premium Services Pack. Thanks to it you can ensure that your house is in perfect condition when you return from a holiday.

MAGNI VIP MAINTENANCE will take care of your property at any moment, offering you all kinds of VIP Deluxe services.

Our main objective is that our clients do not worry about anything. Moreover, we keep their property in perfect condition and take care of all the possible services, whether it is your usual residence or an apartment/villa for rentals.


In order to enjoy the garden all year round, MAGNI VIP MAINTENANCE puts at your disposal a comprehensive garden maintenance service, adapting to your own needs as well as those of the garden, whether it is a big garden, terrace or patio. The maintenance of the garden is necessary to ensure its appearance, but it is also essential for health of the trees, plants and flowers.

  • Pruning of plants, shrubs   
  • Pruning of trees and palms  
  • Pest detection system   
  • Fertilization    
  • Replacement of plants and flowers  
  • Lawn mowing
  • Phytosanitary treatment
  • Elimination of weeds
  • Automatic irrigation control
  • Supervision, repair and installation of artificial turf
  • Review of irrigation systems

Swimming pool

MAGNI VIP MAINTENANCE offers an integral service for the maintenance of your pool, controlling the conditioning and facilities launching, pool maintenance during the summer season and subsequent wintering.We are committed to guaranteeing compliance with the hygienic and sanitary water parameters established by regulations, maintaining the operation of your purification station and ensuring the maximum level of comfort for pool users. To make it possible, our team of highly qualified professionals carries out continuous supervision and technical control of the facilities. With our integral maintenance service you will not waste your time, but dedicate it to leisure. We strictly follow a work calendar designed specifically for each client and perform every task at the most convenient time as often as necessary in order to achieve the best results.


Periodic revision of an installation consists of the visible and accessible parts inspection. The proper operation of the electricity, gas, heating or air conditioning installations allows significant energy savings. The devices that work properly, consume sufficient energy and help the environment.MAGNI VIP MAINTENANCE will ensure that all the facilities and equipment are in the perfect condition and work accurately.

MAGNI VIP MAINTENANCE offers you a 24 hours phone assistance. This service means an added value that differentiates us from our competitors.

The purpose of our company is to provide exclusive and personalized assistance services to our clients in order to ensure that their needs are satisfied quickly and efficiently.

Our customers are very demanding, both before and during stay in their home. MAGNI VIP MAINTENANCE ensures that our clients receive all the attention and services they need. When we set our goals, we not only think about the needs of our customers, but also do our best to meet their expectations.

Our staff who has a vast experience and capacity similar to the best hotels in the world, will organize and manage everything you may need: a dinner at a specific restaurant, relax time, a driver for your trip, the reservation of a suite in the best hotel, VIP tickets to the most exclusive events or the rental of a private yacht, among others. We are at your complete disposal offering absolute discretion and privacy to each customer.

Thanks to our experience, MAGNI VIP MAINTENANCE provides our customers with all the necessary services and assistance as well as offers quick and satisfactory solutions.


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